Void Linux on a Raspberry Pi 3 – My short adventure

While being happy on my Arch Linux setup, it excites me to try out new things. I recently saw Void Linux in a YouTube video. Runit, its init-system interests me because of its speed and simplicity. So I downloaded the rootfs tarball from the website, followed the wiki instructions and booted it up.

It worked and started in a couple seconds from the SD-card. Impressive. I installed xorg and i3-gaps, which suprisingly is in the repos, and started it for the first time. Success.

After that I started i3 and it worked. I then went and installed urxvt, a terminal emulator and tried to install Mozilla’s Firefox, which was not found. It didn’t work with icecat (GNU Firefox) either, because there were libraries missing.

Cross compilation can be a problem, I understand, but how does Arch Linux ARM do it? They have almost all programs in the repositories.